Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Short Story in Nigerians Talk

"Anu dragged her feet. She was burdened with a soccerball stomach and the jute bag in her right hand. From her position she saw the house; its lidded brown roof and jagged eaves. Few more steps and she would face its unpainted breast of wall with plywood window louvres and a cubicle-balcony wedged into it. She wrung her nose and spat on the ground as she passed a small refuse dump, yet her eyes scanned the surrounding like that of a solitary traveller with no hint of rest in the distance. She was one of those pregnant women who invoked pity because their stomachs appeared to double their lean frames."


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  1. Carina K2:21:00 am

    Dear Jumoke! Leif told me the wonderful news! Congratulations! Could you please send me an e-mail (poet.carina(at), so I can have your new addresses? Best regards, Carina K


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