Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Poetry Project (Poetry from Nigeria)

While it is true that there are talented poets from Nigeria, it appears however they have received only a fair share of recognition on the global platform. 

The attention that could give Nigerian poetry some level of distinction on the global stage has been rather tangential. It seems those who practice the genre have done so only for it to interact only with itself. It is time for poetry from Nigeria to interact with those across the world. 

The Poetry Project (Poetry from Nigeria) hope to in future also: encourage film collaborations of poets with other art forms, increase public appreciation of poetry, create a platform for poets in Nigeria to interact with their contemporaries across the world, stream interviews with poets online etc., Our ideas are extensive. 

The first leg of the project is to keep a directory of Nigerian poets across the world. The other projects would be unveiled soon.

Please send details of poets, published book(s), or(and) audio CD, a short biography of poet and preferred contact details (email and (or) phone no) to Project Director: Jumoke Verissimo ( 

Thank you! Pls share on any social media platform you're on. 

Many Thanks!

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