Thursday, 6 January 2011

Welcome back from the break. (Er….who went on break?)

I must say it’s good to be back anyway. I have a good feeling about this year. 
My novel, which I have been redrafting for a while is still on and it’s looking pretty and then ugly and pretty again. I am also tidying up bits on my next collection of poems, which hopefully should be out January next year or late December.  I must confess that it is a collection I have enjoyed working on. I started it by writing a line a day and at times two. Perhaps as time goes on, I’ll post some of the poems in the collection on this blog and would appreciate your comments. And there is also the collection of twelve short stories for the road I’m working on. That is the interlude that comes between my editing and poetry, a sort of pep when the brain is sour. 
Toye gbade and I would be starting a column in a Nigerian newspaper. It's going to be a collaboration of photography and poetry. The little work we've done behind seems rather interesting and I look forward to discovering the undiscovered in it. 
I do know that this is a year we will all find pleasure in...especially if the Nigerian elections come out right.

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  1. Dear Jumoke,

    2011 promises to be a year of productive creativity indeed.

    How many short stories have you to go before that collection is finished?

    Wishing you and Toye all the best.

    Seen how well you are promoting your blog on Facebook. It's inspiring.



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