Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Opportunities for writers

With the internet, the opportunities abound. These opportunities, most times, range from residency programmes or countless poetry or short story competitions - paying and non-paying. It's not always a bonanza type or a lotto thing, where you may end up with some money, without a dint of hard work, if followed by excess luck.

Writing opportunities usually need luck, after dedication. It has also determined the course of many writers' professional rise. Over the years, accept it or not, writers are beginning to write for the prize. The soul-call, the muse-call and that so much sought after inspiration just have to be found and then the techniques of writing mastered to the latter. It's just about the prize - no. Aside that we're all we're human after all, there's got to be something to race for, isn't that what life is about anyway? Us always running after something.

And, while most writers complain about the lack of money (which is usually the course of our race for the prize), I do not know how many of us would retain the 'inspiration' and continue in the line of the 'muse' should that internal flow of wealth come along.

I've had talk with writers who explain that they enter prizes simply because they need validation. I don't know, I won't mind if this turns into some debate of some sort. Why would you as a writer enter for a prize?

Okay me? I enter because I love to compete. (Like we all aren't).

And so over to you?

Anyway, here are a some writing opportunities, the way we know it....

A residency in Egypt

and a chance for publication and prize money.

Best of luck!

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