Friday, 19 June 2009


A vagrant
Tied to the shoelace of her father
My feet
Stuck to the soul of expectation
My soul
Slimed with the desires of freedom
Here I am tied
To that which I call root
My senses rebel to boot
Out my intentions
Here I am
Buried in a commitment
Made before my birth

I am not of this place
I want to shout
But my voice is sliced
In throes of indecisiveness

Let me go
Each time I try to shout
I whisper
I will stay

My heart is in the wind
My hands find their dreams
In the lives of those
Whose desires are serene

I'm a tangled weed
Trouble unfound
Peace denounced

Home. No place like home
I see your eyes speak

You smile at my stay
Glad that my head is home
You do not see my heart
If only you could see my soul
It still wanders
Home is where my mind goes
My mind is in the wind
I'm a vagrant

A blessed curse
How can one be set on focus
Yet lead a blurred life

That's the way
That's the way

It was
It will
It is
Before my time
Before I was born
Before the years I knew
My likes
Took out soul from souls
Merged it with theirs to stay

I've tried hard
So hard
Each time
My spirit breaks
My spirit take
Another to remain

I'm a vagrant pa
Ignorant to what you see
I do not wish to tear your duct
I cannot bear the waters
That'll gush

Hold me pa
Keep me in your gaze
Tell me in unspoken words
That I'm one and the same
Say the words pa
Say the words

Vagrant, go your way

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