Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Shut the door of violence in Iran

It is disheartening that things are turning out the way they are in Iran. As a Nigerian, June 12 is a rather significant day for me. On that date, an election was held in 1993 and the president elect, Bashorun MKO Abiola was denied a chance of becoming president after winning what is said to be the 'freest and fairest election' in the history of the country.

Doubtlessly, that date opened the door to some of the biggest evils that has happened in the history of our nation Nigeria. It is 16 years since that election.

Now Iran is opening its own chapter on June 12, and unfolding a familiar picture - perhaps more gory. With much more carnage! There have been so much pictures, words and videos on the total disregard for human rights in that country. It is reaching a height with the release of Neda Soltani’s video on U-tube, and many are adding their voice to the cry that peace should reign.

Wherever you are, please add your voice to that of many across the globe. Let the voice of the people be heard in Iran!

Neda (For the 26 –year-old woman shot in Tehran)

June 12 story many agreed
Needed truth without enhancement
Across Iran folks were demanding
That truth be told without rebranding

Men and women with minds like ember
Walked the streets angered and slivered
Lives were dropping and pain a-rhyming
The nation’s heat burning and scalding
The people’s conscience played as poker
With Faith’s marauding as the achievement
For stopping music and words on every lip

But she - Neda of this nation called Iran
Cast her face and signed the notation:
The elegy of a nation in dementia

Her silence gave voice to a mute nation
When some crass ass lacking understanding
Of what it meant to push for aspiration
Pumped objection from a-heating Neda
Straight into her heart consuming silence
Neda became a word on every lip

Neda. Neda. Neda

Her face
Dripping with ire misdirected
Bloody words pumped out of her face

Now they who seized the communal song
Will dance to the tune of mass confrontation

Neda they had shot thinking nada!
But posterity took to recollecting
So Nada will leave Iran in grief position

Last cries from a stilling voice:
“I’m burning. I’m burning”
This inferno in my nation
“I’m burning. I’m burning”
This anger in my people
“I’m burning. I’m burning”
This words lying unspoken
“I’m burning. I’m burning”
This world is slippppp…ing awa…y

“I’m burning. I’m burning”
She lay burning….

Nada: how life’s string so thin could snap
Killing the pace of a face that’s waning

Neda said; “I’m burning. I’m burning”
Her last words saying everything we ignore.


  1. It's amazing that people are allowed to get away with this kind of stuff in this day and age..

    Beautiful tribute..

  2. Lovely tribute to the ever young Neda.

  3. Thanks Rethabile. Thanks RocNaija.


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