Thursday, 19 January 2017

Call for Submissions: Megacity Fictions

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Here's a call for submission on Megacities, those cities with borders brimming with people, yet never spilling into neighbouring towns or cities. Cities like Lagos, Nigeria.


Here's the call for submissions:

Megacity Fictions invites submissions that explore particular megacities, or the concept of the megacity in general. Creative writing, creative non-fiction, criticism and images are all welcome. Please email your submissions to or use the form below.

Work will be published on the website Megacity Fictions. A selection of the best pieces will be published in an anthology of Megacity Fiction, due to be published by UEA’s Boiler House Press in early 2018.

For stories in French, Spanish or Mandarin please title your email SPANISH, FRENCH or MANDARIN. We are currently looking for translators and readers in other languages.

More on the anthology here

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