Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Getting published

Hello good people!

Many thanks for your kind words and encouragement on my writing. I do appreciate the emails and messages on social media asking me why I have you not published a new book since 2008:

Here is my answer: I have not published a new book in the past years, because publishing indeed is serious business—especially if you have unusual vision. These past years, I have completed work on a collection of poems, a novel and a collection of interconnected short stories. I worked once as a copywriter in an advertising agency, and was always told you're as good as your last copy. Why I do not think I can get to the root of my reader’s dreams for the perfect book, I can look back at a book I have written and see the dream of perfection in it. I believe my reader can see that too, because they would know I worked towards that.

So, between editing and exploring publishing opportunities; and making sure my old book has some relevance while my dreams are accomplished, I have been working.
If you’re yet to own a copy of my collection of poems, it is available on Amazon website:
And bookshops across Nigeria.

Thank you

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