Friday, 25 January 2013

Blogging 2013

Phew! So, here we are, 2013.

25th of January, yes, but it is not too late to say I look forward to a great year ahead – for you and for me. 

Sincerely, it is good to be back here. I think there'll be a lot of goodness on this blog; that's what my oracle says. See you soon.

Here's one poem for starters. 

 A poem

My eyes walk in the moonlight
I crawl and roll in trust
A bypath along the highway for attention
See old tricks, a baggage of nails
Deflate weak egos.

I have eaten honeydew and my tongue is sweet
But the redolence of the tongue is not for the heart
Hardened: let those who have ears know,

The sun has swallowed the sea
Now we’ll fetch our neighbour’s tears
To quench our children’s taste.

We are not afraid,
We are sitting under the heavens
Waiting for stars to fall.

This is not the parable of delusion
This is the heat of the desert telling its tale

While across the brown seas of slacks and sighs
With frowns setting questions over our faces.

I: I am awake for tomorrow

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  1. This video is of my family going off a jump. we all got pretty good air. i love seeing my little nephew on his dirt bike. he is advantages and disadvantages of using emulsifiers in food getting so good.


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