Wednesday, 3 October 2012

My poems in Kritya

I've got some poems in the latest edition of Kritya: :"an international journal of poetry publishing contemporary Indian & world poetry Besides, it also features poetry in regional Indian languages in translation To keep continuity with our past, we publish the works of classical masters. Kritya is also a humble initiative from India to make use of the web and the internet as new platform of practicing and disseminating literature."

Supper with a stranger       

Paris is where I always travel to in my dreams
that’s where naked girls spill milk on drunken cats,
as passing gipsy dogs bark out theories on heartbreak.
Although there are many places to dream about, I choose
Paris. You must not ask why or how I forget the house
where I first started dreaming or what I ate that night
before my lover merged into so many travellers
boarding a plane, the ones looking back to wave, just once
while their relatives memorized their vanishing backs....

You can read the poem on the website HERE

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  1. Anonymous3:40:00 am

    I am not really suprised, nor AM I amazed, nor perplexed. I am just silent, it is only in silence that ONE can attempt to see truth and beuty, especially the TRUTH & BEUTY embedded in SUPPER WITH A STRANGER.

    Umar Sidi


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