Tuesday, 25 October 2011

In other tongues

Two of my poems were recently translated and published in an anthology, sponsored by UNESCO. 

Special thanks to poet, Hughes Labrusse for the opportunity to be part of an anthology that brings together fantastic poets from across world. Also to the translators of my poems: Rasaq Thomas and Catherine Letellier, and of course, the organisers of the Struga Poetry Festival, Macedonia, for giving me an opportunity to become friends with some of the world's best poets. 

Before now, I have been fortunate to have few poems translated into Turkish, Mongolian, Macedonian, Japanese, and Norwegian as well. Indeed if writing needs angels, in this short course as a writer, I can confess that I’ve met good ones. Home and Abroad. 

Now, considering that my first book was printed locally, and by a young publishing company, I have been offered savoury opportunities to showcase my work to the world. I am indeed humble. I hope for even bigger prospects, as I put in more effort towards my next collection of poems, which should would be out in September 2013.  


  1. Congratulations dear

  2. Congrats Jumoke & greetings from very gray Finland! I would like to have some SUN.


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