Friday, 23 September 2011

Meet the poet Carina Karlsson

I’ll like to share Carina Karlsson’s poetry today. Carina was born in 1966 in Åland islands, in Finland. She still lives there together with her husband and 15-year old daughter. Her first book Lisbeta, Per Skarps hustru, was published in 1996, but she has written poems since I was a child. She is writing her first novel, "Vem kan segla." She likes to work together with other artists, painters and photographers in my projects and several of her poems have been set to music.

She has also seen me from within

She has also seen me from within,
I was her veined vault of heaven,
a laughing earthquake
and a nameless concern
when  bubbles of silver rapidly shot by

I explained everything I saw,
she didn´t understand a single word

Now I believe in providence of God
and she believes in everything
the flowers tell her.

The chestnut tree is standing

The chestnut tree is standing
at the gate
Dropping its leaves
over a little girl

She is waiting for the school bus,
for the autumn holidays,
to be grown up
She carries her sorrows
carefully stowed
In her schoolbag,
all those desperate, vain wishes
for mercy
in a particular order

The chestnut tree is dropping its leaves,
now the school bus arrives.

You can cut a diamond

You can cut a diamond
out of all my bad sides,
mount me in a ring

This darkness
you can´t induce,
I assure myself
over and over again:
I am too unimportant,
too marginal to be changed.

These poems from book Svarta klasar.


Lisbeta, Per Skarp wife ( 1996 , poem, story)
Blue remotely close ( 2000 , poem suite with akvarellist Kjell Ekström)
Kase ( 2002, poetry)
Years lies in droves ( 2002 , poems, together with graphic artist Mari Stefan Daughter)
The stars have stuck a hole in the sky ( 2005 , reflections and stories in the sample)
Black clusters ( 2006 , poetry)

*These information has been shared with the author's permission


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