Monday, 13 December 2010

DADA bloGazine

The DADA bloGazine is a perfect platform for delivering in part on our promise to break fresh talent on the scene and to serve up delighful reading! We would also post news snipets, updates and photos from our activities at various events and activities involving our authors from time to time.

Are you a writer? Do you love DADA books? Do you just absolutely love to share your writing? Proceed with the following steps if you want to post on the DADA bloGazine:

1. Write a truly amazing story or poem that would knock us out of our socks (not more than 5,000 words, make sure your work is well edited, works fraught with typos and grammatical errors would not be considered)
2. Sign up on our website ( as a member
3. Post your story / poem on the DADA bloGazine.
4. Wait to see if we actually get knocked out of our socks. If we post your work on the DADA bloGazine (at one time or the other), just know we'd be searching for those socks right after!
5. If your work gets published, tell all your friends, then tell all your foes. At DADA books, we don't discriminate between friends and foes when it comes to good writing, we believe it is the fundamental right of every human being to know where it's happening.

Caveat: The DADA bloGazine is a free service and is rendered without prejudice as an online community for writers and those who enjoy good, quirky and exciting writing. No royalty is paid any author who posts on the blog neither is any reader charged for enjoying  the content. All copyrights reside with each individual author. We at DADA books are not obliged to publish all works offered by members of the website for posting and would jolly well go ahead to publish exactly what we like!


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