Monday, 8 November 2010

An anthology you may like

You can read a review of the anthology; 'Daughters of Eve and other new short stories from Nigeria in NEXT NEWSPAPER

Here's an excerpt:

'Jumoke Verissimo's ‘Lightless Room' is a stellar, and I dare say refreshing example, of how the writer can play the role of architect and engineer, but above all, as eye, ear, and voice to the unseen, unheard and unspoken. Verissimo's creative impulses manifest themselves through a room, its colours, stench, occupant, visitor, and its being.

"She decided she wouldn't care about the darkness in the room anymore, or the changes he had had over the years. She leaned against the chair, and heard the droning of his metallic voice, but not his talk."

It is pastels like this from ‘Lightless Room' that tell the story of a voice silenced and an aspiration extinguished. A silence that is both deep and mystical. It tells the story of a Nigeria that is complex-ugly and beautiful, insane yet wise. It is a story that personifies the meaningfulness and salient truths that Cortazar envisions.'


  1. Anonymous7:27:00 am

    You are an awesome writer Jummy and the world will hear your voice...the world will hear your voice.


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