Friday, 10 September 2010

The Voyage

A journey dies a pace to the end
One step from start is the voyage

This conceit in designing a people
A vapour
Speak airs into coagulating boils
Until sweat turn pus in skin’s crinkles
Pressure becomes a whorl

A foot ahead, desires part
For no end and no beginning

The one who walks a dream
Knows not he walks a dream

A voyage
Is not the place to go
It is the place to be

As distraction wedges freedom
The journey begins along the way

No cowry to trade with the ferryman
This trip accepts and offers only bribes                                                                           

A mind relies on a mouth that’s on stilt
An Ambition to unite befriends asunder

‘tho Peace comes in knowing freedom
A little shift, the big sojourn is to change

The journey is not around for a choice
Empty promises, stay idle in flipping visions


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