Saturday, 5 June 2010

The memories of Lillehamer

I was guest poet at the Norwegian Literature Festival (May 25 - 30, 2010).

The poem below was written for Lillehammer - the town the festival held, upon my return to Nigeria.


In the cold of its sun, summer slept with one eye open
I flow with Lake Mjøsa as it advises
A newcomer
It says: “Strangers are at home in this land.”

Early May is home here, where the sun shines warmly
On the teeth of those of, this land.

Green blows a kiss
Sun rays are inward
Blue night sky winks
Lures me into a confrontation with nature

“How dare you deny me of sleep?”
I think, but I awake in sleep
Relaxed in the arms of a land that lights dusk

Small land
Harbouring mountain secrets.
“Do you wish to know what has happened here?”
It asks.

Oppland Mountains spread pictures of the past
Steady streams of legs walk into an episode
Of dreams
Go with a vengeance for perfection

Out. In. Out. Almost In. Almost out…
Strangers leave as owners
Someone else’s memory parts with everybody

I go home now. With you.

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