Thursday, 10 September 2009

Day 5 - Poems for Gani

There's a tales-by-sundown
Told to show life's connection
It's a story called cry and laugh:

The Story:
Cry and laugh shared an undelineated
Border that had no boundary
Many times they run on into each other
Laugh would become cry, and cry laugh
Together they lived, but in a different state

The Moral of the story:
We who now cry will laugh:
So this communal wail
Would at some point
Bring us to laugh at our retired pain
Make us wonder how we walked
Through a thorny path while we
Averted sores and blisters on our feet

Afterthoughts on the story:
Maybe this cry would bring delirium
Then we will do things together
But in a different state
But even our conscience can't foretell
Because our borders have boundaries

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