Friday, 17 July 2009

Blackbiro is back and beta!

In 2006, Blackbiro started as a webzine meant to give writers across Africa, a platform to express and share their talent with others like themselves.

A year later, we had to close shop—briefly of course, and we’re back again! Blackbiro is beta and bigger. It is not just a magazine anymore; it is now a community for writers across the continent to share their pain, joy and aspirations as writers. You can even blog away, on your writing.

During our short break (as we like to call it), we have expanded the magazine with features that gives writers, readers, publishers a platform that’s meant to build a community which unites us as writers, supporting one another’s writing process.

Being writers ourselves, we have tried to create a website that unites us. We believe strongly that serious writers do not like uncompleted projects and that’s why we’re grabbing the bull by its ball!

The success of Blackbiro in the past was due to your support, encouragements and determination. This time again we are counting on you. We are in this, because we believe in it. Join us today at

This is for us, by us and to us. ‘Clink’

Join Blackbiro today!

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