Thursday, 21 May 2009

Stolen words (From the future to the present for a past)

Bless me lord, for I have lost
the words in my vein. Now with
what strength, shall I sustain
myself. For the warmth in my
blood is no more. No more. No
more. No more. No more. No….

I have no blood. No more.
No word for me, a writer
No word. No blood
Lord, my words are lost

My heart races on the
Pumping perspiration of
Wanton men. Wanting words...

But, don’t take me serious Lord
These words I use are not mine
I have been tutored to pray in pains
I'm saying the words they want of me
Lord. I have no words to speak my grief

(c) Jumoke Verissimo 2009


  1. Jumii...

    I used to pray by 'writing' my prayers and once I finish writing I add "Amen'!

  2. I feel ya!
    And what a beautiful way to express your expressionlessness.

    Wanton men? Haha.


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