Monday, 25 May 2009

change’s visit (part I) (on obama’s proposed visit to Nigeria—not!)

change is coming to my neighbourhood
change will be my neighbour’s guest
change prefers land to water
he doesn’t like me ‘cause I’m driftwood

he doesn’t say it, he’s acting it

good enough, change will be on my tv screen
he’ll miss the chance of rife-time
to see trouble and then do impulse alter

to see sauntering dreams, I’m trying to trim
pity! he’ll be on my tv screen
so I’ll be closeby but will remain unseen
sad. I can’t show him the magnitude of my woes

well, maybe...
I’ll try to do something ‘bout his absence
I’ll sigh for only a short while, what a slight!
I’ll dye my disappointment of his near-visit with
a snub maybe my fever will act up that day…

and if change insists, I'll watch him on tv, live, direct, near and distant
I’ll fume, but show no gloom, I don’t want any vision of foredoom

really, I hope my neighbour won’t censor change’s screening
and say he’s private viewing, to be shown alone to adults with clear vision
not for fathers whose idea of leading the pack is in seeking cabals—
some infamous cannibals eating up the dreams only I can see

change is visiting my neighbour
and I’ll see him on tv,
but that’s if there power
and there’s no fuel scarcity
and the policeman at the street corner
doesn’t keep me for too long
asking for some kobo-kobo for his family
and if there’s….

change is close by,
there’s more trouble down south
more killing need to get done
change is next door
just not too sure, if I’ll be watching….

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